JTP Wellness focus on the total health of an individual. It's not just about the physical aspects but a multi factorial process of physical psychologically and mentally. We are aiming for quality and together we walk a path with each client. A healthy body houses a healthy mind and spirit. We teach you to make smart choices. We teach that thoughts and body go hand in hand and that physical health effects your emotions, finances and spiritual life. Your body is valuable and you are the manager of your body.
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At JTP Wellness we aim for service excellence in everything we do. We believe in walking the extra mile for our clients, in looking after both their physical and emotional well-being.

Our resident medical practitioner, Dr Lizette Robinson, has a special interest in weight loss, aesthetics and wellness.

Apart from a medical degree, Dr Lizette also holds an Honors degree in Psychology and has completed multiple courses in aesthetics and wellness.

She is involved in the compilation and presentations of the Dischem Health Talks on Jacaranda FM

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